Wanna CUSTOM shirt? Look no further!

We can make you a shirt with any phrase YOU like on it for just £17.99! (price based on mens short sleeved T-shirt with FREE UK postage)

Got a favourite phrase that you and your mates say all the time...?

Then why not put it on a shirt! We don`t mind what it is... we aint gonna get offended! You can even say the "C" word if you want. (yes we mean cunt)

Going on a Stag or Hen night?

Well you gotta have a bunch of shirts for everyone to wear for that!

The 1st shirt will be £17.99 then every shirt after that just £5.75

I don`t wanna phrase. I want my bands LOGO on a shirt

If you want an actual LOGO on a shirt, just email it to us. If it`s easy enough to work with, we wont charge extra. However if we have to play around with it to make it suitable for the screen printing process then a small charge will be added.

Please note that these prices are based on ONE PRINT COLOUR only. We can quote you on a price if more than one colour is needed.

To use this CUSTOM SERVICE, we will have to discuss the details via email.

Please email all enquiries to:  info@spudgundesigns.com
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