These guys have sent a photo in of themselves wearing one of our designs. If you send us one aswell then you`ll get THREE FREE SHIRTS of your choice!

If you want a better chance to get your photo here and claim 3 free shirts then here are some suggestions:

1) Make sure the photo is in focus and the design on shirt clearly visable. Send it to us as a high quality jpg to We won`t accept crap quality photos!

2) The more insane you look the better!

3) Don`t take it while you`re having dinner with your folks. Go down the pub, get pissed, throw up on it then take the pic.

4) If you`ve got lovely breasts or funny stumpy hands, show them off.

5) Try to do something relevant to the shirt. eg If you buy "Badger Baiter", go out to your local forest, murder a badger, take it home to your mother and suggest she cooks it for dinner. REMEMBER to take the photo of you biting the badgers nose before your mother guts it and turns it into yummy badger baiters pie. Don`t forget to send a bit to us. I won`t eat it myself as I am vegetarian. But the strange guy that lives in the cellar can use it to feed his kids.


This dude`s TOO FAT TO HAVE AIDS. He should just count himself lucky that "the daddy" in Wormwood Scrubbs bagged it up.
He thinks that there are TOO MANY CUNTS in this world. Fucking do-gooder! I reckon I can persuade him to become one though.
This guy "wipes entire civilisations off his chest" What a git... wiping all those innocent little sperm up with his  crusty hanky. You could at least waste em` on the fat chicks! You wanker!
He deserves more than an ASBO. You should of seen the other pics he sent me. I saw what he did with that knife! Don`t worry, he`s in jail now.
This crazy girl BOILED MY BUNNY! Stupid cow, I wish she`d listen properly... I said boil my socks!
He obviously doesn`t say grace before meal times. He thanks Tesco for his fresh daily bread instead. Are you an ATHEIST? Do you believe? I said
"D0 - YOU - BEL - IEVE!!!"
He wants someone to PASS HIM THE BONG! No offence mate, but it looks like you`ve had one too many bangs on that number already!
Have you ever heard of the phrase "What doesn`t kill you, can only make you stronger"? Well in this double hard looking nutters case it`s definately true. They tried to MAKE HIM DANCE NAKED ON HIS 15th aswell... but he ended up stabbing 9 people.

HE CUNT SPELL! And by the look of it he can`t tie his own shoe laces either! Nice curtains by the way. Maybe the next squat you find is of a better class.

This guy would make a good manager. He`d know how to cut costs. He`d buy all his shirts from Chinese sweatshops and get all his employees to have their hair cut in prison. Just like his.
He obviously likes to perform a bit of the ol` DVDA on his missus. The thing is man, you`re supposed to use four cocks, not four fingers!  Oh and by the way, your missus has left her merkin on your chin!

A self confessed alcoholic from Northern Ireland. This guy is a legend! Not only for sending us some quality photos, but for all the mishaps and funny emails along the way... He bought his T-Shirt in early January but got it in May! Not our fault by the way! Just a simple case of he wasn`t  at home when they tried to deliver them because he was round his mate Dave's in Belfast getting battered on various substances!

To cut a long story short. After about  12 emails, twice posting and alot of waiting he got his shirt. This email was sent about a month before he collected it from the post office and sums up the whole story...

Dons email 06/04/06

Matty me ole china..sorry for the continued chaos;I've been off me tits down in Belfast for I'm not sure how long! This is the first time I've been near a computer in weeks..I've been hospitalised once, and had an ambulance called for me twice..I'm an alcoholic,and I'd fallen off the wagon pretty badly-really freaked me girlfriend,jenny,out when I started taking fits and turning blue!First time she found me unconcious on our bathroom floor-I came to me senses in altnagelvin hospital,with a nurse asking me if I knew where i was-Id just found meself standing staring out a window and assumed I was in the royal,Belfast.they kept me in for a week and a half,and I went straight down to me mate Dave's and started getting hammered again! Dickhead! Valium,Temazepam,cider,whisky,wine,and these "purple ohm" things are a scary combination.I lost 2 1/2 days,and apparently had the ambulance crews called out twice for me,whereupon I'm told I proceeded to act like a right tosser.Spent several days recovering on Dave's sofa,then got meself on a librium reduction script.Pretty much functional again now,and trying to sort things out. problem is ,if you re-sent them on the 6th,thats a month ago now,and I dont know how long the post office hold onto a horrible feeling its 3 wks or a month!meant to E-mail you with idea ages ago,but my stupid lifestyle got in the way..if by misfortune the shirts end up back with you again,the safest thing to do would be to send them to me C/O me mate-

(dont worry Don `n` Dave, not gonna give your address away! Don`t want those CUNTS coming round!)

should be ok as the furthest afield Dave ever goes is the off licence! In the meantime I'll try and find the phone no.for the derry post office and see if I can catch them in time! Sorry 'bout all this stupidity;all my fault.Jenny sez if it happens again and I dont kill meself,then she'll do the job for me! better trot,cheers for your patience!


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